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Monday, April 20, 2015

In the several years since Iíve started, and the associated blog(s), Iíve had all sorts of ways the world was likely, somewhat likely to, possibly could, or probably not end. Never though, in all this time - or throughout my life - and I was alive during the Cuban Missile Crisis, has nuclear war seemed so immanent.

President Putin of the Soviet Union has said that nuclear war was on the table as a possibility, regarding his actions in the Ukraine and probably in other eastern European countries. Thereís the whole fiasco with Israel, Netnayu, the letter signed by 47 senators telling the Iranians not to deal with the Obama administration (even though this agreement - executive action - was started under George W. Bush), the question of Iranís several hundred (nobodyís sure) nuclear centrifuges, and the lack of inspections and oversight, which this treaty would have gotten into place, as well as the United Nations treaty which this is a part of. That has led some worldwide political pundits to discuss scenarios of nuclear war happening. Most of the pundits imagine scenarios involving Israel lobbing the first nuke, although a few of them have the US lobbing it at Israelís request at Iran. China is getting a significant amount of its energy from Iran, and theyíre just downwind of that. China would strike back at Israel and the US if it is involved. Then, the NATO allies get involved, bomb China, Russia gets involved and bombs them back.

Itís all set up with interlocking treaties, just like world war 1. However, unlike World War 1 or World War 2, this World War 3 would be over in a matter of days on the outside. More likely, a matter of minutes.

I have some questions involving this:
1) Why are we still getting involved when Netnayu says that Iran is only ďa year or twoĒ from having nuclear weapons - something heís been saying now for decades?
2) Itís been an open secret since 1975 that Israel has a nuclear weapon, most likely more, and the ability to produce them. They publicly deny it, are themselves not open to international inspection.
3) Why is the US Congress allowing a foreign leader, up for re-election, to come to Congress to speak, for the purpose of improving his standing in the poles? When did Israel become our 51st state? Are not Congressional Representatives elected to represent their constituents? Israel should not have representation!
4) If Israel is not a 51st state, or if we are not, in fact, a colony of Israel which some conspiracy theories have suggested, why are we involving ourselves in war, or even considering such, at their behedst?

Speaking of nukes, remember Fukashima? It hasnít gone away.

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