It seems that the blogging platform we got was hacked yet again, misusing and abusing the Cynics blog for spam and other nefarious purposes. As might be expected, everything that can go wrong will go wrong, especially if it relies on human beings to basically do the right thing.

This is getting old! This is the third time this has happened.

I have de-installed all blogging platform, as to keep hackers from misappropriating my bandwidth. I put this website and blog out there for individuals to read for their entertainment, education, or alarm. I did not create it for people to send out messages about buying items which you do not want to own, and to send fake, stolen items if they send anything at all, or use information given to perpetrate other fraud.

Instead, I am putting out a flat set of entries for my blogging entries. I have not been blogging as much within the past year as in previous years. Please click on the latest (as of January 13, 2017) entry, or click on the first entry to begin with some very old blogs which I've saved from previous incarnations of this being a blog.
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