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Monday, April 20, 2015 Fukashima

Remember Fukashima? The disastrous fires… no, steam escape…. no, explosion…. no, “China Syndrome” meltdown (x4). It hasn’t gone away, even though it left the news headlines about 4 years ago.

It’s been melting underneath those cores. And heating up. They’ve been watering it in desperation to try to keep it cool. Since fresh water is in short supply, they use sea water. It’s plentiful, but corrosive.

So, it’s corroded the containments. Yes, Virginia, “China Syndrome” exists, and has been happening. It’s not going to melt through “all the way to China”. For one thing, China’s not right across the planet from Japan. For another, it will take it a long time to get through the mantle and core of the earth.

Then, there’s the water. What do you do with radioactive sea water once you’ve used it to cool down a reactor melt down? Japan had been storing it in tanks. Last month, they got approval to dump it into the Pacific Ocean. It had been getting into the Pacific long before that. Now, it’s washing up to the west coast of North America. Guy McPherson says this is a threat to the lives of everyone in the northern hemisphere.. According to some sources, it’s probably not a good idea to eat anything imported from Japan. In fact, to have anything that came from Japan over the past 4 years. All of the fish in the Pacific are possibly contaminated by radiation, as well as seaweed and plankton that live in that water. Food grown miles away from it is likely contaminated by radiation. Reports say that the radiation levels of Tokyo, around 40 miles away from Fukashima, are approximately double what they are in the “permanent exclusion zone” around Chernobyl. Talks of evacuating Tokyo were quickly abandoned! So, rather than the survivalist sites which are (rightly) alerting everyone to the dangers of eating Pacific sea food, things grown in Pacific coastal regions, or even things which have been on or in that ocean, it probably won’t matter very much if you have lived west of the Mississippi river in the US, west of Hudson Bay in Canada, or anywhere in Mexico over the past 4 years. Not when your rainwater has been contaminated, and is becoming moreso by the day.

The good news is that the western US is having more rain than normal. We might be irradiated, but at least we don’t have a drought! (Is this good news or bad?)

Pacific Ocean water is what makes the rain in a significant portion of western North America. Radiation causes some hydrogen to turn into deuterium and tritium isotopes. It’s a rare but significant product of plutonium reactors, which must be considered in cleanup. So, even a tiny percentage of rainwater having part of the H2O actually being (3)H2O, and there’s a nuclear catastrophe in North America, as well as somewhat less in west Asia. In lesser amounts, and it will take a bit longer, will it effect Europe and North Africa. Because of zonal flows involving the equator, the southern hemisphere is mostly safe for now.

What does all of this do? Birth defects

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