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Adult Concepts

This is a warning that this page contains adult concepts, although it has no explicit adult content. Some of the links may contain explicit adult content. As such, this page is for people who are of legal age in their jurisdiction - 18 in most countries.

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Human Fertility MUST Decrease

Humans have always been a very fecund species. Evidently, several times throughout the time humans have existed on earth, there were some "genetic bottlenecks" when the human population was evidently reduced to a few thousand individuals. From that, humans have been fruitful, multiplied, and our sheer numbers have caused innumerable ecological, immunological, social, and political problems that exist today. If this is not somehow reversed, human extinction is inevitable. Some scientists think there is a 50/50 chance of human extinction by the end of the century. Some believe that ecologically and sociologically, human kind will be in big trouble by 2030 - a mere 18 years from this writing! Hence, it is very important to stop procreating now. Even if it is too late to completely avoid the 2030 economic and ecological collapse, I consider it to be immoral to bring a new human into the world to face disaster when they reach adulthood.

However, that could reverse. There are various conspiracy theories that it could happen, or is being designed by some grand-master conspirators to lower the fertility rate with chemtrails impregnated with a chemical or drug that lowers libido, sperm count, or alters one's sexual orientation. Other conspiracy theories involve the use of a pharmaceutical product, environmental chemical, fast-food wrapping materials, or food additive. It could be done maliciously, or, more likely, by accident.

There are numerous articles, true, untrue, or of dubious truth values which include female hormones in human food or in domestic water supplies, or through society's altering their diet to include more foods with high amounts of a naturally-occurring plant hormone called phytoestrogens. Foods high in phytoestrogens include flax and soy - products which have been gaining popularity for decades, which may be having the effect of feminizing boys and men.

If everyone became infertile, the human population would die out over the next several decades.

This scenario was depicted in the 2006 film, "Children of Men" which left people unable to procreate.

Science fiction and conspiracy theories aside, suppose that we stopped procreating by our own preferences and desires. For instance, we stopped wanting to. Or, we stopped wanting to procreate at the same rate that humans had to when most children did not live to reach adulthood? Along with creating a world in which relatively few children die, as we did not reduce our birth rate to the same degree, human population has exploded from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 billion in 2012. Clearly, this growth rate is not sustainable.

That's not as far-fetched as it sounds. Both male and female homosexuality is becoming more acceptable throughout much of the world, and homosexual couples cannot procreate except with outside assistance - through another person or via the fertility industry. It is possible that the rates of homosexuality are increasing among humankind as a natural means of reducing overcrowding. Contraception is also widely available, and is used to lower birth rates - although the birth rates are still adding a billion people approximately every 11 years. Moreover, contraception is still not available to everyone throughout the world.


Reducing Procreative Sex

In heterosexual couples, there are evidently a significant percentage of sexless marriages even among the young, where one partner simply refuses to have sex at all, or extremely infrequently, with their spouse. Both men and women are the refusing partners, and these relationships are nearly always infertile. Most of them are not entirely sex-free - the phenomenon is clinically defined as "sex less than 10 times per year", which makes it possible, but not extremely likely, that there will be children born to these relationships. Or, the relationship becomes sexless after one or more children have been born. It is known that many animals will not breed when they become too crowded, evidently a natural way to lower their numbers. Perhaps this is happening to people too. There is a real problem with this involving the bond that exists between partners in a couple when sex is not occurring in their relationship. Sexless marriages are, by and large, very unstable, and lead to heartache for everyone involved. It only takes one partner to stop wanting sex to cause this to happen, and the other will still want it, and feel neglected and unloved. Although this may be a naturally-occurring phenomenon, it is certainly not ideal.

Sexless marriage reduces fertility, with all of its problems, but it is only one scenario as undesirable by most people as it is. As fast as the human population is increasing, it is not diminishing fertility at a sufficient rate as to avoid disaster. Another method is for at least one of the partners to want something else more than they want coitus. That has always been a fear of the Roman Catholic Church, and hence the prohibitions against "sodomy" - loosely defined as anything except coitus which can result in pregnancy. If both of the partners want this other activity instead - whatever it may be - it will make for a far more stable relationship than a clinically sexless one. In truth, if both partners are happy in their relationship, what business does society, the government, or any religion have in criticizing it or forcing it to end?

There are various things which can be classified as "sodomy". Anal intercourse is the strictest definition, especially between two men, but that is not the only definition, nor is it the definition I wish to focus upon here. There are many many sexual practices between two theoretically-fertile members of the opposite sex which will not result in procreation, including, but not limited to oral sex, coitus interruptus, manual sex, and fetishes of all types.


Male Chastity

There appears to be another practice, male chastity which has been done by small numbers of people for a long time, but from the press it is receiving from news outlets from Fox News, to Dan Savage, to ABC news Even the UK's financial blog, "This is Money", reported a joint venture between a tool company and a sex toy company to provide locks for chastity belts. These are a few examples ranging from conservative to liberal in their editorial policy. From this, it would be a pretty safe guess that the practice of male chastity has followers from a wide range of society.

Male chastity nearly always involves having the man locked in a chastity belt or other chastity device. There are several types of these from various manufacturers and retailers at a wide range of prices. The trick is that the man's genitals are locked away where he cannot easily access them on a whim. The device must be difficult to get into - a lock with a key, with the key held by the man's female partner or the key kept in an inconvenient location as to discourage his removing it, except when partner sex is desired.

Evidently, the practice of male chastity is going from kink to mainstream and it seems to be gaining popularity. This is also evidenced by a larger number of fairly mainstream, vanilla sex-toy shops carrying male chastity devices. There is a great deal of modern artwork featuring male chastity devices. It's an idea whose time has arrived.

Male chastity, as a lifestyle rather than an occasional sex practice, paradoxically features a great deal of sex. It is missing penetrative sex - the type which can result in procreation. There are especially pleasurable experiences for a female partner of a man in chastity, and there are many practices and experiences for the man who is in chastity which may exceed any sexual pleasure he would normally have through partner sex or masturbation. As such, it can replace the possibly-procreative sex in a man's - or couple's life.

It seems unlikely that any but the most insignificant minority of people are ever going to just stop wanting sex. It also seems unlikely that the majority of people are going to lose interest in coital sex with the opposite sex. All methods of birth control have a non-zero failure rate, so for humanity to die out from lack of sex, the only way is going to be that some practice other than coitus appeals to the multitude, and it would have to be an activity engaged in most or all of the time, to the exclusion of standard sexual intercourse.

Indeed, male chastity works far better as a long-term lifestyle within a committed relationship than it does for short-term trysts. It works partly by his receiving pleasure from doing things for the pleasure of the woman - sexually pleasing her, bestowing attention upon her, and treating her as she wants to be treated. It works partly from his receiving genital stimulation only after he has been denied such stimulation for a relatively-long period of time. It is not something to just decide to try, spur-of-the-moment, for one evening in a long term relationship even. In order to benefit from it, it must be carried out over a long period of time, ranging from weeks to months - or continued throughout years or even decades. While male orgasms are lacking, their loss is more than made up for in terms of focus on one another, affection, and true intimacy. Female orgasms, not being part of the requirement for procreation, are not limited. In fact, they are a major part of the focus for satisfaction of both people.

For the man, to get the pleasure that results from the practice of male chastity is to protect his genitalia from incidental touching. Indeed, even the rubbing of underwear or such things provides touch and stimulation. Locking the genitals in a male chastity device or chastity belt prevents stimulation - either deliberate from himself, deliberate from a partner, or incidentally from clothing or even bumping into things. When parts of the body have not been touched for a significant amount of time, they get hyper-sensitized. That is especially true for the genitalia, and directly stimulating them when they are aching for attention swings the pleasure far higher than it is normally.

There are numerous ways this is done. First is to touch sometimes, as to tease, then, stop before orgasm occurs. This can be pleasantly frustrating for some people, but can be distinctly unpleasant in its reception as well. Or, the teasing can continually occur over some period of time, from hours to days, and then, something fantastic happens. Either a long session of "edging" or a session of something called "ruined orgasms". Both of these can be immensely pleasurable for the man. They are also pleasurable for the woman, either vicariously by her watching what her attentions are doing to him, or because he'll want to give her sexual satisfaction at another time. That can be immediately before or after, or may be separated by more time.

Edging is the action of stimulating the person close to orgasm, but not letting them actually have one. It can be done in any number of ways, including, but not limited to manual, oral, or the use of various "sex toys". A good description is in the book ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm by Alan P and Donna J. Brauer., a book which I highly recommend through personal experience.

Online, there are numerous websites and blogs regarding this practice. If you're going to search for them, I'll give you fair warning that there is a lot of material which is pure fantasy out there, and there is a great deal of material where people are using it as part of sadomasochistic play, or as part of female dominance in someone's bedroom or throughout their relationship. I'm pretty nonjudgmental about that: If fantasy or S&M float your boat, that's fine with me. If it doesn't though, know that there are other ways this can be done - some of which are very "vanilla" in their outlook, except the man does not have orgasms through coitus.


More Information and Links

To save the reader the trouble of finding such information without sifting through the fantasy only to discover that it is fantasy, or sifting through numerous blogs of dominatrices - which may also be fantasy - and find what "real" people, people whose everyday lifestyle is pretty typical, except for this one non-procreative practice in the bedroom, I'll give a few suggestions. Note that these are not necessarily against procreation, generally have no opinion about population control, and are about happiness and joy rather than cynicism. The author of this debunks a number of the myths and fantasy stuff out there, and points out how this really can or does work. The blog has a email list, and books and articles either free or for sale, all of which are devoted to male chastity in an ordinary relationship. An interactive forum of people exploring or living the male chastity lifestyle, how it works or doesn't work for them. There is a great deal of support or knowledgeable information, as well as other links. A big list of chastity blogs , ranging from extremely vanilla to extremely kinky. It includes links to other blogs, articles, information, and sites which have items for sale.

If you find other websites with information or discussion groups about this, please contact me.


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