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From being aghast at reading when there's a correction from the Dailykos article where it says that Snopes says that it's "probably true". Snopes has gotten enough information to classify it as True by January 2014.

This is a private school. It's accredited, so that sending children adehere's to the truancy laws in South Carolina, it's a tax-exempt organization and can be partly paid for with school vouchers paid with tax money, plus any that is not is an educational tax deduction. If we teach our children science this badly, it won't be long before the US no longer has an advantage in the technical area - for trade, economic advantage or defence.

My correspondant give this interpretation of it:


I actually am not upset by this at all. I salute the efforts of this teacher who is in an impossible spot. Their job is to teach theology and they did a fine job at it. You do not go to a Christian School to learn science, yet this teacher had to make some effort to put a bit of science into a fine lesson on theology. She did demonstrate successfully how to spell the word dinosaur. Beyond that, of course lets call this what it is, a bible lesson for those with a very literal interpretation of said bible. The parents want this taught and are paying good money for her to teach this. A private school and the salary of its employees is directly tied to the tuition the parents pay, so they get what they want.

Public demand and desires are at work here, and this is also a good lesson in economics. Parents who want to pay for this level of education in theology are banking on its marketability in contrast to the marketability of a science based education. They will get to see if their bet is correct with time. Interestingly, by teaching theology so well to the exclusion of science, this may be an educational model which does not go multi-generational since the kids will not have the income to send their own children to such a school. This also means it may be a self correcting social/spiritual experiment which causes its own extinction, since it leaves those who go thru it unable to have gainful employment.

In the same way you do not go to a Islamic school to learn bartending...If you want science, you send your kid to a summer science camp or a secular public or private school. The parents of the kids at this Christian school pay good money to have their children indoctrinated into the traditional beliefs of their faiths, not to have them taught things they do not believe in. you get what you pay for.. If a parent wants to pay to make their child a moron its their problem. The world needs lots of drones, not so many queens to keep the hives running. Besides, does it really matter? Most people who are feeble minded enough to consider this an education will only have to compete with each other to be employees of Walmart and McDonalds who are the largest employers in Amerika[sic], and frankly, do I care if a kid believes in dinosaurs, when all I will ever expect of them is to smile at me in the years to come as they say.. May I take your order?.


I consider it moot. The economic collapse of the USA which is coming within this decade at latest when the dollar stops being the world reserve currency, and all the dollars and dollar denominated crap the world as had to swallow comes back home shall leave the USA in the dark ages from which it will not recover in the next couple centuries. Forget about technological exports from the USA or beating your chest in some patriotic banter...the USA is dead, it is just unaware of its own upcoming death much like somebody who just had a giant meal of some poison. The technological stuff is not a national treasure it is a corporate treasure which silicon valley or GE or whomever can rapidly export to a viable global location. Hell, most of it has already been stolen by governments and private hackers anyway. So who cares about any of this?

As for school vouchers, who cares if the money is wasted? I want them to waste more of it, and to waste it faster! There is no fix and there is no repair of the damage that has been done, my personal hope is that the trend of waste and corruption and capture of the political system by the oligarchy continues and accelerates.. At least then the collapse shall be swift and merciful instead of this zombie death by a thousand cuts we the innocent casualties of this train wreck are enduring. Lets face it: We as a nation have a total debt of over 200 Trillion dollars and that is not going to ever be paid.. The USA is not a county, it is a debtors prison and this country is being liquidated to its creditors. Chrysler is now owned by Fiat for Christ's sake! China owns Smithfield foods, and in a thousand other cases, the things that make America great are gone.

Now I have been to more than a few going out of business sales and the first thing you learn is that going slow and picky means you get nothing. You need to......grab everything you can with both hands, and shove others out of your way and fill your cart quickly. Then, you can discard what you don't want later by putting it back. Other countries will need to do the same thing to get anything out of the USA.


The writer goes on...

Now as far as this having any effect on the nation if some idiots want to waste taxpayer money teaching their kids that Jesus rode the dinosaurs and they were the pets of Mary and be it. I much prefer that we waste the money like this rather than building more drones and bombs and napalm which we as a nation are using rather generously upon a lot of innocent people in the world. I agree that we should not waste money in a normal world in normal times, but these are not normal times, these are the end game of the biggest economic crisis/revolution that the world has seen in over a thousand years. At this point, its just green paper and its all being wasted by the truckload per second. Another few truckloads are being stolen by oligarchs and bureaucrats per second, and we have no political say in any of it. I prefer if I cannot do good with this money, then at least pick the path of doing the least harm, because the people of the world whom we are bombing, terrorizing and using as pawns in a giant game of global domination, will at some point in the future be horrified to watch on their televisions the terrible things happening within America after its fall.. I hope that those people may have some mercy upon the poor unfortunates in America and will be willing to send us some UNCEF donations and some bags of rice and tents for all the millions of starving refugees they will see on their television screens in Kansas and Illinois and California. If they remember us as silly primitive people who believed Moses had a pet dinosaur, they may be more willing to help us than if they remember that we sprayed napalm on their local school and poisoned their food and water with depleted uranium and agent orange.

Karma is a bitch and soon, when we have to repay a tiny fraction of the evil we had wrought upon the other peoples of the world, the Dark Ages we will endure shall make the struggles of the 12th century look like happy times!


The writer goes on...

Now since reading my last two rants, you can see that I am OK with teaching these kids faux- science, even at taxpayer expense. In my world view, its just not that big of a deal. These poor kids, who we are miss-educating with silliness, shall have to endure changes in their young lives which shall stun even the most pragmatic and hardened in this world. Perhaps this fairy tail shall give them some comfort during the terrible suffering which is coming. Perhaps it shall give them some comfort as many of them die of cold and hunger and disease. Perhaps it shall give them some happiness as those who survive the first winter or two find themselves toiling with hand tools as they desperately try to survive as hunter-gatherers or perhaps re-learn agriculture thru trial and error. The future looks rather bright in many parts of the world, but the sun has set here and we are going into a darkness which shall endure a thousand years. Our country shall exist in name only, torn into tiny colonial states by our creditors, who shall extract their pound of flesh and then shall take everything else too. Look up what the British and Americans and other colonial powers did to Africa or to China a century or two ago.. What is coming here will be a far more refined and inescapable form of debt servitude. In literature, I would suggest taking the best parts of a nightmare from the following books:

and presto you at least have a starting point.

Thus, lets happily pay for these little ones to learn that George Washington and Jesus had pet dinosaurs who only ate watermelons. It may be the last happy memory some of them will have in their short, brutal and wasted lives in the near future. I consider this sort of like giving a dying man some morphine to ease their suffering. And within the coming thousand years of darkness, there will be no industry education to speak of, no innovations or inventions. There is no point worrying about a school voucher that is being wasted, saving all of that money will feel kind of like making 30 firemen race into a burning building and die while saving the welcome mat. It is insignificant in the broader picture of disaster that is looming.

You are welcome to post this or parts thereof (without my name) on your doom and gloom website if it has a chance to cheer up anyone.

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