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New Germs Emerging faster

On February 7, 2017, NPR came out with an article which describes many new pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and parasites - as well as new forms of some of the old diseases which have effected humankind from the distant past. The new ones are the novel new flus which emerge, new viruses or newly discovered viruses carried by mice, rats, and all sorts of other creatures. There are new forms of plague and leprosy emerging.

Over the past 60 years, the number of newly emerging diseases has quadrupled.

Of course, this will be countered by the fact that scientists are better able to identify a new disease when one emerges than they were 60 years ago. That is true. However, when you take into account the old diseases, and the diseases which have never gone away,there is just plain a surge in disease.

Then, combine all of this with there being antibiotic-resistant and treatment-resistant forms of most of these diseases, combined with the fact that it's increasing, and there's a real dangerous situation.

Diseases are outside of their historical ranges, and pathogens are combining their DNA with other diseases which are also out of their historical ranges in new and novel ways - ways which we neither have the resistance to nor have any cures or treatments for. As the climate continues to change, host animals will continue to migrate, along with there being more climate refugees.

That's not the whole picture. Travel by plane, as well as other faster means than on foot - such as rail, automobile, and ship contribute. So do animals, including insects, which may be hosts for these diseases stowing-away on goods that are shipped, whether by truck, train, ship, or airplane.

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