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Cynics for a Better Tomorrow

No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up. -- Lily Tomlin (stand-up comedienne)

Welcome to the home page of Cynics for a Better Tomorrow.

Truly, there is no point to creating such an organization. Certainly no one will show any interest. In the unlikely event that you do wish to join such an organization, all you have to do is SAY that you are a member. There are no dues or fees for membership. There is no membership kit or certificate, since evidence has shown that no one is interested in these things, and producing them would be a mere waste of time. To resign your membership at any time, you merely have to stop saying you are a member. Not that anyone cares, but if you acted as if YOU gave a flip about anything, and entertained the notion that someone, somewhere, might give a royal flying hoot about you or anything you did, you would be revoking your own membership in the Cynics organization.

Given the current state of world affairs, from the wars in the middle east, to the Palestinian situation, to the depressed state of the global economy, plummeting employment figures, bankruptcy, foreclosures, failure after failure of every and all bailouts attempted, we are entering what some economists are referring to as "The Greater Depression". It has been said by past Chairmen of the Federal Reserve that you cannot spend your way out of a recession or depression. But, we keep trying.

So, what is the way out of this? Is it think good thoughts, spend like we have for years (personally and communally), and hope for the best? Or, is it better to huddle down in a survivalist's bunker? Personally, I don't think either of those are the answer. The first is obviously doomed to failure. Survivalists may survive, but what sort of world are they gaining access into?

What's New?

Once again, hackers and spammers have broken through my blog platform in order to use and abuse it for their own purposes. I have temporarily taken down the blog, and will re-form it in a new way. Alas, there seems to be absolutely nothing that someone will not find a way to break and misuse for their own selfish purposes. Indeed, it has been shown that most of the Internet traffic out there is an assortment of spam and scams.

I DO write new information regarding cynics and cynicism in my blog. Feel free to click on that link on the left. Indeed, I may have written something new for today - generally about the end of life on earth as we know it.

By a number of metrics, things on earth are getting more overcrowded by the second, we're using up more and more resources, more and more energy, and the whole situation is getting worse. To see some of these, including population, economics, environmental concerns, food, water, and health, look at Worldometers. Another blog which discusses several important issues at more depth than I go into here is Finding the Truth behind the American Hologram. I would call attention to the links to other articles and videos on the left side of their page.

I have a section for assorted writings, either by myself or others, as attributed.

Working for a better tomorrow

In spite of being cynical, and looking at the world as it's all a big piece of cr*p and getting worse by the day, perhaps... just perhaps, there ARE some solutions to some of these problems. We've just got to think a bit outside the box.

There are huge problems in the world, which is most of what this website discusses. Many of these seem insurmountable. Perhaps they are, in the big picture. In the long haul, the "big crunch" will destroy everything. For anyone who does not know, the "big crunch", which is the reverse of the "big bang", where everything supposedly crunches into another primordeal black hole, in preparation for another "big bang". It's all a cyclical. However, I figure well that I will be long-gone before that happens, so it's not worth spending a lot of time worrying about. Some of the problems, such as disease, world hunger, climate change, and cleaner fuels can stave off the inevitable.

I am working through the World Community Grid. I would encourage you to look at that too.

To learn more about what the basic software that runs it, or BOINC, and how it began with SETI-AT-HOME, click here.



From time to time there may be chats open for the subject of this board. If you think it's worth it to try, go to the chatroom. Note that this does not currently work.

Predictions of others

The world and everyone on it is doomed. We are all going to die! As a race, we are going to die, and life on earth will cease. There are various ways this could come about, some sooner or later than others. You will not get out of this alive! If you want other methods by which the end of the world could happen, both likely and unlikely ones.

There is a new set of them available through Youtube video 10 Ways the World Could End: Road to Destruction. These 10 ways are all based in theoretical physics. Could the world be transformed into strange matter? Could the world be "spaghettified" by being caught between two black holes? Could a basic force of the universe, such as gravity stop? What if the earth just drifted away from the sun? Be sure to see this exciting video. The same people, who I will give an honorary membership in Cynics for a Better Tomorrow, have also produced Disaster Is Coming Devastating Future - How will it Happen Others you could try are Exit Mundi, Armegeddon Online, 8 Ways the world will and will not end or 20 Ways the World Could End. These will navigate you off of this site. As you read them, just remember that many things are possible, but only a few things happen. One thing that is 100% certain though is that disaster is sure to strike. Ask any cynic for details.



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